Ask for An Appointment in an Email to a Prospect

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An email has always been a very key marketing channel to prospective buyers for either services or products due to its open rate. With email, you can easily ask a prospect for an appointment to further demonstrate the value you’re trying to sell. Here are samples of emails to aid you.

Sample 1: Availability Confirmation for a Physical Meeting

In your email, mention how you noticed shared interests or goals with the prospect and why you believe a meeting would be beneficial for both parties.

Suggested Subject: Request for a meeting to discuss shared interests

Hello Jason,

I’m writing this email with regard to the proposal you submitted to our company on the 4th of September. My partners and I have gone through your proposal and there are some details we’d like to talk discuss with you.

Are you free for lunch at 9 AM on Monday? Let me know by Friday if that works for you.

Looking forward to meeting with you.


Samuel Bright

Sample 2: Ask for Availability for a Physical Meeting

You should consider explaining how you can help the prospect achieve their goals, and what specific expertise or experience you bring to the table.

Suggested Subject: Exploring potential collaboration opportunities

Hello Clark,

This is Jim from Woculus.

It was great talking to you about a partnership between our firms. I discussed the idea with the CEO and he was just as interested as I was.

Kindly let us know when you’d be free to discuss the plan more extensively.

Do you have time next week Tuesday to grab a cup of coffee? Please let me know what your schedule is like.



Sample 3: Ask for Availability for a Call

Let the prospect know the purpose of the meeting and what you hope to accomplish during your time together.

Suggested Subject: Opportunity to add value to your business

Dear Jasmine,

My name is Jaden from Standard Alliance. We’re sending this email with regard to your complaint about accessing your account. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

Would you be open to a short telephone conversation to find out more about the problem?

My contact information is attached to this email. Please send me a message to schedule the call.

Thank you.



Sample 4: Ask for Availability for a Call

Offer to work around the prospect’s schedule and suggest a few dates and times that work for you. Make it easy for them to say yes.

Suggested Subject: Seeking a time to discuss [specific topic]

Dear Christian,

My name is Anna from Silicon Enterprise. We received your complaint about a delayed delivery. Upon checking our records, we discovered the package was delivered 72 hours after your order was confirmed.

We would like to schedule a short phone call to clear up any discrepancies. Please reply to this email with an available time and date.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



Sample 5: Ask for Availability for an Online Meeting

Show that you have taken the time to research the prospect and their business by including personalized details in your email. This demonstrates your genuine interest in the meeting and can help increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Suggested Subject: Invitation to discuss [specific topic]

Hello Jasmine,

This is Jackson from Octave Enterprises. We received your email concerning the difficulty you experienced in funding your account.

To assist you with this problem we’d like to schedule an online meeting to walk you through the process of funding your account. Please select a preferred date and time for the meeting in the calendar link below.

Thank you for choosing Octave.



Sample 6: Ask for Availability for an Online Meeting

Let them know you’re looking forward to the meeting and the potential for a productive partnership.

Suggested Subject: Proposal for a productive partnership

Hello Omari,

We received your proposal to redesign our website.

We’d like to schedule an online meeting to discuss the proposal further. A calendar link has been attached to this email, please select a date and time that’s convenient for you.

Looking forward to meeting with you.


Abdul Ahmed

Updated on December 21, 2023

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