Email to Send Project Status Updates

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The email samples here will guide you in giving updates on the status of projects you are handling. We provide multiple examples for different situations here.

Example 1: Product Manager Giving Update to Director

In this sample, the product manager broke down the updates into sections and provided succinct and clear updates.

Suggested Subject: Project Status Update

Dear Brandon,

The project is progressing as planned.

Summary: The idea team has finished the concept phase of the project. The design and content teams are now working on the next part of the project. On Wednesday at noon, the design team will meet to discuss the project. They will offer the customer three different design concepts. Once the customer has selected a design, a brief will be given to the content team.

Content: As soon as the brief is received, the material team will begin to create the content. During this period, they are gathering relevant information.
Challenges: Although there have been some challenges with the rights to the website URL address, the team has addressed these issues and expects to have them resolved by the end of the day on Thursday.

Additional remarks: Thank you to the concept team for their Herculean efforts in bringing phase one to a close! Gabriel will be out of town for the rest of the week.

So, if you have any questions, please email Simon at simonortega@ayoade

Example 2: Project Manager Giving Update 

In this sample, the project manager is providing an update to the team. In the end, he highlighted the importance of working together on the software they use.

Suggested Subject: Update on (name of project)

Dear Laura,

The project is progressing as planned.

Summary: Significant progress has been made this week! Even though we are still in the idea phase, Ann Gupta will be selecting a subject this week. Once we give the green light, the content and design teams will be on their way to getting things started.

The concept is that the planning team convened to discuss a broad issue.

In the end, we have three final proposals, and we will pick one by Friday. The Content team will get a brief by the following Thursday at the latest.

Content: As soon as our concept is established, the Content team will be ready to begin creating value for it. To incorporate relevant firm information, they are compiling a list of valuable facts.

Design: The design looked at five different eBook samples to decide which they preferred. By the following Tuesday, they would have selected a template.

Additional remarks or highlights include: Philip will be out of the office for the remainder of the week, so please address any content-related queries to Gabe at [email protected]

Thank you to Anastasia for compiling such a comprehensive selection of subjects from which to choose!

Issues/challenges: As we all know, the deadline for the e-book is approaching quickly. For the sake of keeping everyone organized and on schedule, it is important that we all work on our project management application at the same time. Thanks!

Example 3: Project Manager Giving Multiple Updates

 Here, the Project Manager is providing updates on multiple projects to stakeholders.  

Suggested Subject: Status Update on Projects

Example 4: Project Status Updates

This is a project status update email, which provides an update on the progress of the project, highlights the completed tasks, and outlines the challenges faced. The sender offers to answer any questions or concerns the recipient may have.

Suggested Subject: Project Status Update – [Project Name]

Example 5: Project Status Updates

This is a weekly project status update email, which aims to keep the recipient informed about the progress of the project. The sender provides an update on the completed tasks, challenges faced, and offers to discuss any questions or concerns the recipient may have.

Suggested Subject: Weekly Project Status Update – [Project Name]

Updated on March 16, 2023

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