Reprimand an Employee for Poor Performance

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Sometimes, the performance of your employee may fall below the average line you should send an email to help get the employee back on track. See samples below.

Sample 1: Reprimand an Employee for Poor Performance

When writing your email, be sure to include details of the poor performance. Your email should not be vague.

Suggested Subject: Email of Reprimand

Hello James

This is a formal email to reprimand you for your performance, which is below expectations. In your job as a digital marketer, you’ve barely met your KPIs these last few weeks, and it’s setting your team back.

You’ve performed poorly in the following ways:

1. You’ve completely neglected to optimize the landing pages that your team members built.

2. You didn’t collect over 30% of the leads from the landing page.

3. Your team lead instructed you to run a retargeting campaign for Deluxe Pharmacy and you neglected the task.

These are three extremely important tasks that have cost us quality leads and in the case of Deluxe, possible sales. Your team lead reminded you multiple times about each of the tasks here and you neglected to do the tasks.

We take this as an unwillingness to perform your duties and this has increased the workload on the rest of your team members.

An immediate improvement is required going forward. If you continue to neglect your duties, we will be forced to take disciplinary action even as far as terminating your employment.

We believe that you’ll turn around and resume firing on all cylinders. We encourage you to reply to this email with any questions, suggestions, or anything that you’d like to relay to management.


Slade Wilson,

Human Resource Manager

Sample 2: Reprimand an Employee for Poor Performance

Try not to be too hard on your employees when reprimanding them. Never forget their good old days and be sure to remind them of that.

Suggested Subject: Reprimand for [title of offense]

Dear Isabel,

The growth of your team and company at large depends on how well tasks are handled and how successful these tasks become. To achieve this, every team has precise goals and tasks they have to deliver on time. As you very well know, a particular task has to pass through at least 3 teams before it is launched.

You hold an integral position in your team and as such, your 100% input is needed to make sure everything functions as it should. However, for the past two months, you’ve barely delivered on your tasks. This has increased the workload on the rest of your team members trying to fill your shoes and pick up your slack to make sure operations run as they should.

You’ve received verbal warnings and admonitions from your team lead and you’ve not attempted to improve. Hence, the a need for this formal email reprimanding you for poor performance. You are to meet with your team lead and Jaden from Human Resources tomorrow at 9 AM to discuss what the problem is and possible solutions.

We believe you can turn this around and meet expectations.


John Constantine

Manager Human Resources

Sample 3: Reprimand an Employee for Poor Performance

Reprimanding an employee for poor performance can be a delicate task. However, it is crucial to address underperformance in the workplace to maintain a high standard of work. The key is to approach the situation professionally and provide clear and specific feedback on areas that need improvement.

Suggested Subject: Addressing Concerns Regarding Your Performance

Dear Josh

On meeting the manager, we understood that on September 19, 2077, you were reprimanded verbally by the Manager. You were reprimanded for failing to follow the work schedule. October 3, 2077, you were verbally reprimanded for the same thing.

To leave early, you bypassed the due process of sorting and filing the files alphabetically for easy collection from the collection team. You’ve been seen on multiple occasions just stuffing the files without regard for the proper filing method. This has increased the work of the collection team and now they have to spend time doing your job before proceeding to do theirs. This is completely unacceptable.

There are routines established with each department in mind. The aim is for the teams to work seamlessly with each other. If any member of a team performs poorly, it sets members of the other team back and doubles their workload.

This email reprimanding you for poor performance should be considered your last warning.

You’re encouraged to reply to this email if there’s anything you’d like the management to know, or if you’d like to discuss whatever issues are hindering you from performing optimally.

We have faith that you can turn this around and resume peak performance.


Wayne Andrew

Sample 4: Reprimand an Employee for Poor Performance

It’s important to address poor performance in a timely and constructive manner. A reprimand should focus on specific areas that need improvement and provide clear expectations for the future. Remember to maintain a positive tone and show that you are committed to helping the employee succeed.

Suggested Subject: Opportunity for Improvement: Performance Feedback

Dear Simon,

How are you? We’ve worked together for the past 2 years and I’m concerned about the steady decline in productivity these past couple of months. Your tasks barely meet deadlines, and when you do submit work, it’s always riddled with errors. This is very unusual coming from you.

I went down to human resources and was informed that you haven’t taken any time off this year. I suggest you take some time off to relax and unwind.

I am genuinely concerned about your well-being and want nothing more than to see firing on all cylinders again. The team hasn’t been the same without you.

If there’s anything you’d like to talk about or anything the company can do to help make your job easier, do not hesitate to let me know.


Jonathan Kent

Sample 5: Reprimand an Employee for Poor Performance

Reprimanding an employee for poor performance doesn’t have to be a negative experience. By approaching the situation with empathy and a growth mindset, you can turn it into an opportunity for growth and development. Provide specific feedback, set achievable goals, and offer support to help the employee improve their performance.

Suggested Subject: Action Plan for Improving Work Performance

Dear Jefferson,

This email is an official email to reprimand you concerning your poor performance at work. Upon employment, you were made to understand that there are certain standards we expect you to maintain concerning your duties.

You created a proposal for Deluxe Carwash and it was riddled with errors. The same problem was noticed in the emails you sent to Justin’s Bakery.

This is completely unsatisfactory. Your team lead has verbally reprimanded you on multiple occasions all to no avail.

We expect to see improvements in the coming weeks or we’ll be forced to take disciplinary measures.

You’re expected to meet with your team lead and the human resource manager at 9 AM tomorrow.

You’re a valuable member of your team and this organization and we believe you can turn things around.

Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.


Andrew Jacob

Updated on December 23, 2023

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