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From time to time, we all express disappointment, whether at work or with the customer service of a particular company or over a job we didn’t get. Here are some templates that can help you express disappointment via email.

Sample 1: Disappointment Over Damaged Goods

This template can be used for expressing disappointment or displeasure when you receive damaged goods from an online store.

Suggested Subject: Complaint about a Damaged Product

Dear Sir/Ma

I am writing to complain about a Samsung Galaxy A12 mobile phone I purchased at your store yesterday at 1 pm. I bought a Samsung Galaxy A12 from your store, and I took it home to unbox it. To say I was very excited would be an understatement, but my excitement was cut short immediately after seeing a crack in the screen.
I was shocked, but still, I carefully picked it out and tried to switch the device on. The device took longer than usual to switch on, and when it did, the screen was blank. Carefully, I put the product back in the box and repacked it. I didn’t even use it to see if there were any other faults.

As this item was damaged before I bought it, I would like a replacement. I have attached images of the damaged phone and a receipt for my purchase.

I hope you can identify what went wrong at the packaging stage, and hopefully, there can be a replacement before next week.

Jason Teague.

Sample 2: Salary Dissatisfaction

This template can be used to express dissatisfaction over the state of your salary.

Suggested Subject: Salary Concerns

Dear Mr. Oliver

I have been working at Soundpool Digital Marketing Company as a content writer/graphics designer for two years now and would like to raise the issue of my salary.

I understand that I am still the lowest-paid employee among my colleagues. Given my job description and qualifications, I am at an unfair disadvantage. As an employee in this company, I have always received good feedback and positive reviews from customers and colleagues alike on my performance, and I never required disciplinary action.

I would like you to review this and perhaps arrange a meeting to discuss the matter sometime soon and look forward to your response.

Barry Allen.

Sample 3: Disappointment Over a Colleague

This template can be used when you need to express disappointment over a colleague to your boss, team leader, or supervisor.

Suggested Subject: Lack of conduct from colleague

Dear Mr Trusk,

My name is Max Payne, and I have been working at Catco as a content writer/graphics designer for the past four years. I am excited about my job, and I am always eager to contribute to the development of this company.

Unfortunately, my wonderful experience in this company is being sabotaged by Miss Vanessa. After exploring other options that didn’t work out, I decided to reach out to you for a resolution.

Her misbehaviour and lack of conduct are just too much to cope with. It is affecting my performance and stopping me from carrying out my job description.

I ask for your immediate intervention to find a solution to this problem and to establish a professional, friendly, and productive environment for all of us.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Max Payne

Sample 4: Disappointment Letter Over Poor Service

When you experience poor service and want to express how disappointed you are, this template will guide you.

Suggested Subject: Concerns over service rendered

Dear Sir,

I wish to inform you of yesterday’s encounter with the new piano instructor. I have been taking classes with the Maryland School of Arts for the past two years and have always practiced smoothly with my instructors.

Usually, I always have private paid sessions with the instructor from 7 am to 8 am. For whatever reason, the new instructor was having a session with another group during my time.

Therefore, I couldn’t have my session and had to go home to meet other pressing demands. The new instructor didn’t even offer as much as an apology for his conduct.

Hopefully, this will be resolved before my next lesson comes up the following Monday.

Thanks for your favourable consideration.

Nora Gage

Sample 5: Disappointment Over Poor Service

The email is a formal expression of disappointment regarding recent service received from a company or individual. The email details the issue encountered and expresses the writer’s hope for a satisfactory resolution. It also provides feedback for improvement of future services.

Suggested Subject: Disappointment with Recent Service

Dear [Name],

I am writing to express my disappointment with the service I recently received from [Company/Individual]. I was expecting a high level of professionalism and quality, but unfortunately, my experience fell short of my expectations.

The issue I encountered was [briefly explain the issue]. I was hoping for a more satisfactory resolution, but I feel that my concerns were not adequately addressed.

I am disappointed with the overall experience and I hope that this feedback will be taken seriously to improve future services. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

[Your Name]

Updated on December 23, 2023

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