Follow-Up Emails After Job Interviews

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After attending a job interview, it’s very natural to want an update on the hiring process. An email is the most effective way to do this. But you have to do it right so you don’t ruin your chances of landing the job. We have put together sample follow-up emails to guide you.

Sample Follow-up Emails

Here are some follow-up email templates you can adopt to follow up on the hiring process after a job interview:

Sample 1

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Thank You for the Interview!

Dear Mr. Collins,

Thank you for the time and opportunity to be interviewed for the position of accountant at Hillsprings Limited.

As a graduate of accounting with five years of work experience, I believe strongly in my capabilities to effectively manage the accounts of your company. Also, I love accounting, and I love the business atmosphere. Most importantly, Hillsprings Limited is my dream work environment.

I am looking forward to a favorable decision from you. I will keep in touch with the company to know the final decision.

Once again, thank you for the interview opportunity.

Ann Mark
[email protected]

Sample 2

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Thank you, Mrs. Peterson!

Dear Mrs. Peterson,

It was a great pleasure to be interviewed last week for the position of sales manager at your company. I was impressed by the entire recruitment process, and I do not doubt that working at Goldman Sachs is the best path to achieve my dream in sales.

As you said during the interview, I am looking forward to the final decision this week. I am very optimistic about using my talent in sales in a high-pressure environment like yours.

I hope to receive a positive response from you soon. Thank you for the privilege.


Tony Wilson
[email protected]

Sample 3

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Appreciate your time and advice. Do you need anything else from me?

Dear Mrs. Lincoln,

I write to reiterate my interest in the position of Marine Engineer, which I was interviewed for on 25th October 2014. Also, your perspective on the value of an engineer was motivating for me.

After the interview, I was highly motivated to widen my intellectual prowess in the field through thorough research. The research has made me engage in personal training, which will make my services highly effective if eventually considered for this position.

Also, I met with some experts in the field who boosted my interest and made me happier at the thought of joining your company.

I will gladly provide more information about myself if the need arises. Thank you for the privilege.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Karl Boles
[email protected]

Sample 4

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Great speaking with you!

Dear Mr. Edwards,

I was genuinely happy at the opportunity to be interviewed on 9th January 2014. My interest in this position was significantly sparked during the interview. This had a positive impact on me by motivating me to take a week’s course on business communication.

This course has opened me to ways to administer sales skills effectively. I believe this skill will enhance my services if eventually considered for this position.

I look forward to a positive response from you soon. Thank you again for the interview.


Catherine Williams
[email protected]

Sample 5

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Checking for updates: Marketing Director Application

Dear Mr. Kelvin,

I am delighted about the interview on 10th March 2010 for the position of marketing director.

I will like to know if the company has decided as regards my position. I should reiterate that I am very optimistic about this position, especially about working with your world-class team. I will be glad to receive a positive response soon.


Tina Taylor
[email protected]

Sample 6

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Following Up Regarding the Position of Editor

Dear Mrs. Cole,

I appreciate the opportunity to share my interest in the position of editor on 6th May 2015. I would like to reiterate my eagerness and enthusiasm to be part of your working team.

Having handled editing for three years as a student and proofreading plus editing for another two years as a freelance journalist, I believe my skills would be precious in your company. Mainly, my consistent devotion to work will help me contribute immensely to your company.

I hope to receive positive feedback from you as soon as the final decision is made.


Rita Burns

Sample 7

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Thank you for your time at the interview today.

Dear Mr. Andrew,

Thank you for sharing your experience with me during the interview for the position of assistant manager. I understand that it takes a high level of knowledge in administrative duties to adequately manage the company’s business. I desire to administer the company’s affairs with my knowledge and experience.

I hopefully expect that the company’s consideration will be in my favor. Thank you once again, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Lydia Wales,
[email protected]

Sample 8

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Regarding my application…

Dear Mr. Richard,

It was a pleasant time for me during the interview for the position of Product Development Manager in your company. After you explained your current marketing practices to me in the interview, a new idea came to my mind.

The idea is about creating social platforms for the promotion of your company’s products individually. I have discussed and fine-tuned the approach with some of my colleagues in school, and I believe this plan will be very valuable for your company.

I will like to be allowed to share this idea as part of my responsibility if I am selected for the position.

Can I come by your office next week Monday to discuss the execution of this idea?

Susan Brown

Sample 9

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Great talking with you on Wednesday. I have got a plan to improve sales!

Dear Mr. Ron,

I am greatly impressed at your disposition towards me during the interview on 12th August 2015.

I have been very concerned about the problem of poor sales which you mentioned during the interview.

I have a great plan to solve this problem. We encountered a similar challenge at Lebanon Trades Limited during my internship in 2009, and I am very confident that this plan will significantly help recover your sales.

Can I come to your office later today to discuss the implementation process?

Thank you for the time and opportunity.


William Bruce

Updated on December 23, 2023

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