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A self-introductory letter, also known as a cover letter, is a document sent to an employer along with a resume to introduce yourself, express your interest in a job opportunity, highlight relevant qualifications, and ask for an interview or follow-up call. It should be tailored to the specific position and company, written in a professional tone, and include headings with date and company info, an introduction, a body discussing relevant qualifications, a closing with a call to action, a sign-off, and your contact details.

The following information must be contained:

[Your Address]

[The Recipient’s Address]

[Subject line]

[Introduce yourself]

[Stay what you want]

[Thanks and appreciation]



[Contact address]

Sample 1: Self-Introduction Letter

This example of an introductory letter is written by a recent graduate looking to use his newly acquired skills. Take note of how the writer made the introduction and went straight to explaining to the manager his experience and the idea that being offered the position would undoubtedly enhance his knowledge.

Suggested Subject: A self-introductory Letter

The Manager,


I am Jim Blessed,  a recent New York University Computer Science graduate who seeks to work in your organization.

I am looking for an entry-level Computer Assistant job that will put my computer skills to good use.

Thank you so much for going through this letter. I await your response.

Jim Blessed
[email protected]

Sample 2: Self-Introduction Letter

This sample is ideal for teachers or you if you have an existing relationship with the organization in any form and are looking for a full-time position. In this sample, the writer stated that he had worked as an intern for the school and that the experiences he had gained better positioned him as a perfect fit for the job. Jim, the writer, discussed his passion for the job.

Suggested Subject: A Quick Introduction – [Your Name]

The Principal,

My name is Jim Blessed. I am a Woculus State University student pursuing a degree in elementary education.

After working at a camp for primary students this summer, I’m eager to begin my teaching career in the fall.

I also did an internship program at your school, Achiever’s Academy. During my internship, I developed numerous lesson ideas that I am excited to use in my classroom. 

I know that I will be an excellent match for your second-grade vacancy. I hope you’ll consider me.

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching pupils at a place that started my passion for learning.

I hope to receive positive feedback from you.

Thank you so much for considering my request.

Johnson Johnson.
[email protected]

Sample 3: Self-Introduction Letter

This sample letter is from a company seeking to sell their service on finance to teachers. The letter introduced the writer and the capacity he was writing. It further gave a brief insight into the importance of the service he intends to market to the teachers and at the same time, asked for permission from the school principal to allow him to speak with the teachers about the service.

Suggested Subject: Pleased to Meet You, My Name is [Your Name]

The Principal,

I am Caleb Angel, the Vice President of Administration and Finance at Aris Delight.

Saving money has always been one of my life’s greatest passions. When it comes to saving for the future, creating money management methods as early as possible is critical.

This method helped me save over $10 million for retirement while earning my way through college.

I want an opportunity to speak with your teachers, please.

They can set up an account like mine, and I’ll show them how to do it, too.”

Katrina Petrova,
[email protected]

Sample 4: Self-Introduction Letter

This is an introductory letter seeking information that will aid the writer and their company in better understanding the need of the audience their product will serve. The writer started by introducing himself and the reason for the letter.

Suggested Subject: Thank you for your time

The Manager,

I am Jim Blessed from Woculus Tech. We’re working on various creative marketing tactics that will help us attract new consumers in New Jersey.

For these initiatives, I’ve been reaching out to local companies.

Talking to people in the neighborhood and finding out what they want from their intelligent gadgets is one of my favorite parts of my job.

Jim Blessed

Sample 5: Self-Introduction Letter

This letter aims to introduce the writer as a product manager who has developed more than a dozen applications for simplifying sales and marketing tasks for busy professionals. The writer expresses an interest in recreational boating and states that they have observed that the sales representatives at Smart Boating do not seem to have a streamlined system to monitor their sales. He offers to let the manager participate in the beta testing of a new sales software he is creating.

Suggested Subject: This will save your company

The Manager,

I am Kameer Sameer. I work as a product manager at the Woculus Boat Club. More than a dozen applications have been developed for busy professionals who simplify their sales and marketing tasks.

In my mind, I’m a constant problem solver, and I’m constantly on the lookout for new challenges. 

My interest in recreational boating has lately been piqued, and I’ve observed that the sales representatives at Smart Boating do not seem to have a streamlined system to monitor their sales.

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to participate in the beta testing of a new sales software I’m creating.”

Thank you.

Kameer Sameer,
[email protected]

Sample 6: Self-Introduction Letter

This letter introduces the writer, a freelance graphic designer, to the recipient. In this format, you start by expressing your admiration for the work the recipient is doing and express interest in working together in the future.

Suggested Subject: Get a professional Graphic designer

Hello, Ms. Angelina

I am Mr. Smith, a North Carolina-based freelance graphic designer. As a designer, I’ve worked with various corporations and non-profits over the last six years.

Due to my admiration for charitable work, I am reaching out to you as a potential new client.

We could meet and discuss how we might work together if you’d be interested in doing that.

As soon as you get a minute, please contact me.

Mr. Smith
[email protected]

Updated on December 22, 2023

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