Emails to Update or Inform Your Boss

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Updating your boss on your current tasks before the due date is essential. In this regard, to stand out and be an indispensable employee, you should endeavor to update your boss regularly on any given task, whilst being meticulous with other duties.

Sample 1

Suggested subject: summary update Negligence of duty by staff

25th February 2018

Mrs Parkinson
Olex Engineering Ltd
No2. Park Avenue

Dear Sir

As requested by your good self, I made a sudden visit to the branch at Miko street, took the necessary pictures and the report as per my findings is presented below.
A few clients came in between the hours of 8 am to 1 pm and the customer relationship manager attended to them very well.

She gave them the necessary forms to fill out and registered their interest in the company. She thereafter directed them to the assistant sales manager who also carried out his duties diligently.

The cleaners were in their uniform, as opposed to the report received that they were often in casual wear. The office premises were visited 6 times during my stay there and it was cleaned thoroughly, leaving the environment fresh and tidy.

The Internal Control Officer was not in the office, and when asked, I was informed that he already took a leave of absence from you as his wife fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. In general, no staff at the Miko branch appeared to have neglected their duty but all worked according to their job description.

Based on the above, I recommend that a CCTV Camera be installed in every room so that whenever there is a complaint of negligence, the recordings can be played to apprehend any staff flouting rules and regulations and also neglecting his duty.

I hope I was able to carry out this role and present a succinct update that meets your expectation(s). The pictures taken are attached to this letter.

Yours faithfully,


Junior Assistant

Supply Chain Department

Sample 2

Suggested subject: summary update: job safety and standard operating procedures

Dear Sir:

Below is the update regarding our organizational safety and health administration procedures.

It is cultural that we designate specific staff members to various plants for safety purposes and this we keep practicing. It is also customary that we utilize diagrams, charts, and which are within the reach of every member of staff. It can be found at every branch of Maxxam and with every department.
As suggested, I contacted a translation services company to help translate all our manuals into different languages for ease of use, and our team is currently working on a plan to ensure all manuals are updated regularly.

Hope I covered all you require? Should you require further clarification(s), please don’t hesitate to point it out in a reply email and I shall attend to it immediately.

Yours faithfully,

Josephine. O

Health and safety personnel

Health and Safety Department

Sample 3

Suggested Subject: Summary update for the…

25th February 2018

The Managing Director
Hebron Ltd
California, USA

Dear Sir,

Subject: Revised Labour Law

As requested, the summary of the employment law research can be summarised as follows:
1. There are no new employment laws but amendments to sections of the old Labour Act.
2. At Section 2 (2), maternity leave beneficiaries were amended by adding ‘mothers who for one reason or another are required to stay with infants for longer’.
3. At Section 6 (4) (a), Trade Union was amended to read ‘Trade and Labour Unions or Associations’
4. At Section 43 (7), the minimum wage was increased by 5 cents.
Apart from the above, nothing more was changed in the Labour Act.

Please find the amended copy attached for ease of reference. I have also highlighted the affected sections.

Yours faithfully,

Maya. O

Company Secretary.

Sample 4

Letter to Update Your Boss

Suggested Subject: Summary update for the…

Dear Sir,

1. East wing dusted
2. Furnishings removed from the gallery
3. Locks in the East wing were repaired
4. New window frames were replaced at the reception
5. Drinking water jacket was replaced

1. Wax all floor areas
2. Replace worn our bricks at the entrance
3. Get new solar panels to increase energy output

1. Broken sockets in the west wing should be fixed by the electricians
2. The locker room requires more lockers for new intakes


Kierra. A
Head, Cleaning Department

Sample 5: Emails to Update or Inform Your Boss

This email is an IT update email to inform the boss about the current status of the IT department. The email highlights the challenges faced, improvements made, and assures the boss that all systems are operating smoothly. The sender offers to discuss any questions or concerns the boss may have.

Suggested Subject: IT Update – [Date]

Dear [Boss],

I am writing to provide you with an update on the IT department. As you know, our team is responsible for ensuring that all systems and hardware are running smoothly, and any issues are resolved quickly.

Over the past week, we have encountered several challenges, including [Issue 1], [Issue 2], and [Issue 3]. I am pleased to report that we have successfully resolved these issues, and all systems are operating as expected.

In addition to resolving these issues, we have also implemented a few improvements to enhance our department’s efficiency, including [Improvement 1] and [Improvement 2].

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the IT department’s status. I am always available to discuss any matters further.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Updated on June 16, 2024

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