Professional Email Requests for Consultants and Researchers

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As a consultant or researcher, being able to write a polite and formal email requesting the information you need is essential in your professional life. The best email requests communicate a clear purpose, demand a reply – and get it. We have put together some templates for professional email requests that will get you the desired results.

Samples of Email Requests for Consultants and Researchers

Here are some professional email request templates to guide you in writing yours:

Sample 1 – Seminar Information

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Inquiries About the Upcoming Seminar

Dear Mr. Roger,

I am anticipating a speech presentation at your next seminar. I have filled out and attached the form you sent me to this email. I’ve also looked out for the audiovisual utilities I will require for my speech.

At your quickest and most suitable time, please inform me of the number of people who will attend my two sessions, “Starting Your Own Business.”.  I have some questions that I need you to provide answers to for me as fast as you can.

Can I see the hall where I’ll be taking the first session of my talk before the date?
Can I read through the pamphlets to make sure all I need is present?
Can I assess the audiovisual equipment I asked for?
Should I make arrangements to meet you (or anyone else) a day before the seminar, or should I just come for my sessions alone?

Can you also make corrections on the name of my company from Johnsons Entrepreneurs to Johnsons Business Consults as written on your seminar plan? A business card you can easily refer to is attached to this email. Thanks a lot.

I hope to have a chat with you soon.

Mike Johnson  

Sample 2 – Seminar Availability

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: In Need of Your Professional Guidance

Dear Ms. Catherine,

I am looking for a seminar or training to attend on how to effectively sell electronics via the Internet, especially using social media.

I greatly value your counsel as an expert in online business. That’s why I am contacting you on this.

Could you please point me in the right direction? I will be expecting your reply soonest.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,
Clara Winston

Sample 4 – Filling Forms

3 – Filling a Questionnaire

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: We’d Love to Hear From You!

Dear Mr. Thompson,

Excellent Results Life Insurance Company is consigned to giving the most outstanding team insurance products to the young recruiter. Even if the health insurance policy of your team is not effective again, it is vital to us that we receive your response on our products and services’ quality.

By filling out the questionnaire attached to this email, you will be giving us the information and hints required to offer more outstanding services to young recruiters like you. Your notions and remarks are specifically relevant to us.

Please take a short time to fill out the questionnaire precisely and truthfully. It is vital that the individual in your company with the highest reputation and control in decision-making over team insurance coverage complete the survey.  If you are not the one, please send this email and the attached questionnaire to the suitable person. The answers are meant to prepare objectives and will only be applicable when combined with other answers.

We would value receiving your answers by April 10, 2016. Simply open the attached folder to fetch the questionnaire, complete it, and send it to this email. For any questions, please call Ms. Rosa Perez, the sales, research, and product development coordinator at +2348157479837.

Thanks for your attention to this vital issue.

Best regards
Rita Douglas

Sample 4 – Filling Forms

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Please Fill Out the Attached Statement and Endorsement Form.

Dear Mr. Peterson,

The main reason for this email is to ask your organization to help Princeton Ship, Inc. in the accomplishment of its responsibilities to the Defense Unit by filling out the attached Statement and Endorsement form.

As a major contractor for the state government, Princeton Ship, Inc. needs you to get this information yearly. Neglecting to reply may be harmful to the transaction between our companies in the future.

Please send the filled form to this email. For any questions or requests for more information, don’t hesitate to call me at +2348157479837.


Alex Smith
Contracts Manager

Sample 5 – Return Supplied Materials

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Please Return Survey Material ASAP.

Dear Mr. Osteen,

Thanks for agreeing to survey the building plans for our shopping complex project. Because the plans survey comprises a time limit, we would need to make other preparations for this project.

Please send the material back to us at the quickest and most suitable time for you.
We appreciate your readiness to survey this plan, Mr. Osteen, and expect that we may contact you for an accurate survey soonest.


Alan Sussex

Sample 6 – Reminder Message to Speaker

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Speaking Engagement Reminder.

Dear Mr. Robert,

I hope you got my e-mail about the “speaker’s recommendation form” that was sent to your email on June 15, 2016.

If you are experiencing trouble or have questions about the information we desire, please reply to this email or call me on the office line. I will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have.

It is vital that we have this information. I would be grateful to receive the filled forms back at the quickest and most suitable time for you.


Alice Edgar
Program Coordinator

Sample 7 – Article Reprint

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Purchase of Article Reprint.

Dear Mr. Clark,

I would like to buy a reprint of the article you published on Pacesetters Business Line. The article is published on Pages 7 to 10 in your October 20X4 editions. Please forward the reprint and the bill to me at this email address.

Thanks for your help.


Pearl Ricks
Vice President

Updated on December 23, 2023

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