Professional Sales and Marketing Emails

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Sales and marketing departments are crucial aspects of every business. They are responsible for creating brand awareness, winning customers, making sales, and increasing profits, which is the goal of every business. One way they do this is by sending sales and marketing emails. But it’s one thing to send mail; it’s another thing to send one that gets the job done. We have provided some templates to guide you.

Examples of Sales and Marketing Emails

Find various professional sales and marketing e-mail templates (cold calls, reminders, congratulatory e-mails, etc.) below:

Sample 1

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: A New Opportunity that Serves Everyone

Hello Sugumpta,

For a while now, I have focused on discussing opportunities in agriculture, and some people thought I was leaving my shipping business. My explanation to those I can talk to is that, first of all, I am an entrepreneur, and I will always go in the direction of business opportunities.

What I am seeing right now is huge opportunities in agriculture and it’s just blossoming. I can’t just imagine losing the privilege of getting in earlier before it becomes saturated. There is always the advantage of getting in earlier.

And we are moving as fast as possible to position ourselves for farming exploits. We have started a few agricultural projects but we are taking it beyond regular farming. I believe in doing the unusual and that is the next thing we are embarking on.

In January 2016, my company will be opening our new farming estate – Agrinnovation Hub. It’s a 500-hectare piece of land that farmers can lease for crop or animal production. We would also provide machinery and equipment for lease and generally share resources to enhance their agribusiness.

It is a win-win situation for the farmers and us as we are carefully choosing the right persons to bring into the estate.

Our vision is to greatly reduce the initial costs of setting up agricultural businesses and farms. As members mature, they will be encouraged to move out to a bigger facility so that new entrants can come in.

If this opportunity is good for you, kindly fill out the form in the link below so that we can plan better for 2016. You may also forward this message to people you think will benefit from this program.

We look forward to seeing you next year in January. Thanks.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 2

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: You may be eligible for a second capital… Submit the form to find out

Dear Thai,

We are writing again about the second round of capital you may be eligible to receive under the South African Women Empowerment Initiative.

If you have not yet filled out the form we sent out last week to gather information about your business, please take a few minutes to fill out the “Business Data Form” here:

Please submit this form no later than the end of the day on Monday, February 23rd.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 3

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Post-Trade Show: Products Submission

Hello Sharmstr,

This is Lucas – from Woculus Inc. It was good meeting you at the San Francisco Mega Trade Show last Friday. I have been expecting the pictures and details of your egg pack materials.

When the Trade Show is over, our company will remain online, working hard to continue promoting your products on the Internet, especially for people who couldn’t attend the event.

Unlike other platforms, we do not just list; we also promote your products through social media and search engines. That means, we take all the risks and do the hard work.

If you have any questions, you can reply to me here. You may visit our website – – to see the other products we have on display.

Please send the information directly to our support team with the email [email protected].

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 4

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Get Your Products on Our Online Marketplace

Hey Samson,

I noticed that you have signed up for an account on, but I have not received any further information from you as regards placing your products for display in our online marketplace.

What can I do to help you get started? Is there any question you want me to answer?

I’m sure there are very many people waiting to see your products. Please, let me know how I can help.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 5 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Revenue Generation Strategy Pitch

Hi Jordan,

I wanted to reach out to you one last time. I have suggestions on how your sales representatives can generate more revenue for your business. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume the timing isn’t right.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 6 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Tips on Improving Your Sales

Hello Janet,

I’m not quite sure you were able to read the email I sent earlier. I have studied your website (, and I have suggestions for you on how you can improve sales. I can send you a brief if you are interested.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 7 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: File Closure Reminder

Hey Thompson,

We are in the process of closing files for the month. Since I haven’t heard back from you, can I simply close your file? I understand that you may be very busy at the moment. If you are still interested, what next step would you like me to take?

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 8 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: New Contract Alert!

Dear Mrs. Susan,

I spoke with our consultant today about your last request. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to inculcate those into your project under the current contract.

Your company is growing very fast, and it looks like it’s time we signed a new contract that will accommodate the growth of your business and enable us to provide you with a more excellent service. We used to assign three full-time staff to manage your project; but now, we simply can’t afford to continue that way. I’ll have our Sales Manager send you a summary of what the new contract will entail.

Feel free to call me if you have any concerns.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 9 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Reminder to Schedule and Attend Orientation Session.

Dear Catherine,

It is always possible that my records are wrong (tech systems sometimes just get wonky), but from what I can tell… you haven’t yet attended any of our orientation sessions.

Is this correct?

If it is, I’d like to have you attend the next one. Really, it is best that you attend an orientation class at the beginning of your classes. Otherwise, you might be missing some really important parts of your training here.

Please click here and choose a date/time to attend the orientation (you’ll need to be logged into your account to access that page).

If you have attended the orientation already, then please reply to this email to let me know.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 10 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Food Vendor for Your Wedding

Hey Josephine,

Thank you for choosing Bridal Showers for your event planning. We appreciate your interest in our services. Our commitment to all of our customers is to provide high-quality service and build long-term relationships. To fulfill that commitment, we normally recommend reputable caterers for events since the quality of food served at an event is a huge part of the success of the event.

As such, we’re sending you a list of our preferred caterers within your city. They include:
Master Planner (at Ringroad)
Tasty Delight (in Maryland)
Chef (at Business District)

If you feel that you already have a reputable caterer, please send us the details of the caterer so that we can plan along with their company.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 11 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Request for Product Information

Dear Jade,

We are writing in reference to our discussion at the mega trade show last week Friday.

As you know, the African market has huge potential and many organizations are beginning to shift focus to major economies in Africa. Currently, your Eko Pack stands out as the best egg packaging material in all of India, and egg producers in Africa will be most happy to lay hands on your products.

We would like to stand by you to achieve an Africa-wide impact.

To enable us to start publicity, please send us a complete catalog of the varieties of your products, their prices as well as other relevant information.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 12 – Cold Calls & Reminder Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Marketing Resources and Finance for the Private Sector in Agribusiness

Hi Obama,

Thanks for adding me on LinkedIn.

After looking at your profile I thought you might be interested in some of the recent activities happening in my organization. I work for AEMRI (which stands for Africa-European Marketing Research Initiative), an international NGO based in the Netherlands. We promote access to sustainable marketing resources and finance for the private sector in Agribusiness. Already, we have more than 300 entrepreneurs from around the world benefiting from our program.

If you are interested and would like to know more, you can send me an email at [email protected], and/or you could also give me your phone number so that I can call you to discuss this directly.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 13 – Congratulatory Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: We have processed your order!

Hey Clinton,

Good news! We have finally confirmed your deposit with us. Your order will arrive at your doorstep in three hours. Feel free to contact us with any concerns.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Sample 14 – Congratulatory Emails

SUGGESTED SUBJECT: Congratulations! You’re a Successful Applicant…

Hi George,

Good news! You have been selected to join our virtual focus group discussion.
Among the hundred and fifty applicants for the Afrimash Agrinnovation entrepreneurship scheme, you were selected among the best ten. This qualifies you to join our virtual focus group discussion where you can meet fellow Afrimash entrepreneurs in agriculture. Your performance at the group discussion will determine whether you will be accepted into our incubation program.

The virtual focus group will take place on Wednesday, May 6th, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm West Africa Time (WAT).   If you are not willing to participate, please reply to us as soon as you can.

Kind Regards,
(Your name)

Updated on December 23, 2023

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